The brain of your home

The consumer unit, formerly known as the fuse box, is essentially the brain of your home. It controls the input and output of electricity to your home and everything inside it. It detects threats and potential dangers and alerts you to them.

RCDs are small devices which monitor your homes electrical systems and trip when they detect something isn't right. This safety device stops your business or home from catching fire and prevents you from getting an electric shock. These devices are fitted within the consumer unit in conjunction with other elements.

We recommend a change in consumer unit if your current one has no RCDs present, during a rewire or if you have repeated faults.

The team at Hale Electrical Contractors will come out, identify any faulty wiring that may need repairing prior to replacing the consumer unit and give you a full breakdown of what needs doing in order to ensure your property meets building regulations and is safe for use.