Electrician at Work


Electrical appliances aid our day to day life but without safe installation, things can easily go wrong


Over time, sockets can become loose or get damaged, requiring replacement. This can be a single socket or multiple sockets in the property. We provide multiple options for socket repair or replacement from new chrome facings to updated USB ports incorporated alongside sockets. These can be flush mounted in the wall or surfaced mounted on the wall.

Prices start at £30


No productive activity can be completed without proper lighting. We offer a variety of commercial and domestic lighting solutions from the installation of new spotlights, pendant lights or chandelier to dimming lights, switch replacements, shop lighting and signage installation. We now also install smart lighting to control from your phone.

Prices start at £40

Electrical Appliances

Cooker, hobs and ovens require multiple considerations in order to be safely fitted. An electrician that is Part P qualified will be required to install one of these safely for you. Here at Hale Electrical Contractors, we remove any old appliance for you, check the electrics in place to see if they meet standards for your new appliance, fit your appliance and test it for you.

Prices start at £60

Smoke Alarms

At Hale Electrical Contractors your safety is our main priority. That is why we strongly recommend all our clients to have their safety appliances fitted by a Part P qualified electrician to ensure the safety and well being of you and your family. For any safety appliance, such as a smoke alarm we come out, assess your home for the safest place to install, make a safety plan for you, carry out any work agree and test before we leave. We always advised any smoke alarms to be circuited into the main for optimal protection and to avoid any battery failure.

Prices start at £60

Extractor Fans

In order to prevent mould and damp, extractor fans are required in downstairs bathrooms by building regulations but optional in upstairs bathrooms. Hale Electrical Contractors are able to come out at any point during construction, advise you on where to best place these and work alongside any team to still these for you. Many opt to have them wired up to turn on with the lighting or some can come with a separate switch. Whichever you prefer, contact us today to talk about how we can help keep your bathroom in good condition.

Prices start at £250